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Smart Stadia™, a division of Consulting Smart Ltd, specialises in the design development and implementation of stadia solutions that focus on increased revenue, cost savings and efficiency gains for the sports organisation and a richer experience for the customer.

We review your existing stadia solutions and produce a comprehensive review on how to achieve more efficient service delivery through customer centric services such as Cashless, Access Management, Loyalty, Ticketing, Membership, Rewards, CRM and Community based initiatives like local transport programmes and the Healthy Schools initiative.

Using our modular Smart Stadia™ solution or working with your existing systems we can design, build and implement optimised services centered around a single smart card that is integrated with all of the customer centric services within the stadia.

Smart Cashless

Just imagine your customer, the supporter, using just one card with you design and logo that enables him or her to travel to the stadium on public transport, pay for parking, enter the stadium, pay for food and beverages with a prepaid account held by the club, access hospitality areas (as appropriate), access hotel room, access corporate box, registration for members area on the website, receive promotions and offers, receive rewards for community base activities

To find out how much in the way of cost savings and revenue generation our service can provide your club, call +44 (0) 208 123 0811 or Email

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Smart Stadia in the News - Stadia - October 2009

On the Money Article

What are the 10 most important things to consider when selecting, implementing and operating a cashless system at a sports venue.

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Smart Stadia Blog

This blog is looks at how smart card technologies are put to use in a stadia environment. come here for up to date new articles, case studies and product reviews

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